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“What can I say about Shelly Kane except that so many people remarked to me that our wedding was one of the most fun and well organized they’ve ever been too! I owe that in a large part to Shelly and her staff at Moxie Events.

Before the wedding Shelly spent time going over every possible detail with my husband and I – so many things we didn’t even realize we were forgetting! It was such a relief to have confidence on our wedding day that we had everything covered, because I am NOT a details person and get really stressed out even having a dinner party. And when I say things were covered, I mean down to the tablecloth clips Shelly suggested we get the day before because she saw the weather called for some wind. I’ve never seen someone so able to keep a large number of details straight!

We were so glad to have Shelly and her Moxie staff there on the wedding day as well. Not only were we able to relax, but so was our wedding party and family. Her staff really kept everything going smoothly and Shelly was able to handle the few hiccups that did happen (such as my miscalculation of the time the photographers were scheduled to leave) without me (the bride) even knowing until later! She did check in with my husband, to make sure we approved of her solution. I was so grateful.

Almost as important as her mastery of logistical details is her attitude and approach to her craft. She was honest with us, but never made us feel that any idea was silly. And we had some fairly “out of the box” ideas. She helped us brainstorm on how to make things work and suggested fabulous ideas that she had collected from her past experiences.

Hiring Moxie Events was a big expense for us. Would we do it again? In a heartbeat. They helped us find other vendors that could work in our budget – and had established discounts for “Moxie” clients. Plus, I really can’t say enough about the impact Shelly and her staff had on making our wedding day low stress and FUN! Thank you Moxie!!!!”

– Olivia Hardin, Moxie Bride

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